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sulaman kerawang – customer’ design / booking (3)

my mind just went blank… ishh.. nak update apa ya??… banyak lagi gambar yang tak upload ni… take deep breath… in out … in out… breathing… ok..

blouse with embroidery in front and sleeves

embroidery on the sleeves of the blouse

this blouse embroidery design done by our customer… and  i am also coming out with a collection of short caftan to be worn with pants or skirt.. at the moment we have only:-

M size : shoulder ~ 15 inch, sleeve ~ 22 inch, blouse length ~ 25 inch

L size : shoulder ~ 16 inch, sleeve – 25 inch, blouse length ~ 27 inch

the picture???…wait .because the blouse is not ready yet… still doing the embroidery.. i have only 6 pieces.. 3  M size and 3 L size.


sulaman kerawang – customer’s design / booking (2)

now in tension zone. have you seen shirt or baju melayu for man with sulaman kerawang on it.. no???… soon you will .. becoz that will be my latest collection for man. very nice.. but let me keep it to my eyes only.. once its ready i will publish here. it won’t b long maybe.. next two or three weeks time…meanwhile let me show your more of my collection which i think will make you fall in love with…

kurung pesak using SB LINE material

sulaman kerawang for kurung pesak

Green… these material was chosen by my customer for her kurung pesak.. may be she did for her raya dress this year.. mmm.. is it too early..?? well.. we need at least one month to complete any embroidery for each piece…

designed for kurung modern


this designed used only  one color thread. suitable to make baju kurung pesak or kurung moden. also suitable to do baju kurung riau.




suitable for kurung modern or pesak


this lovely embroidery, also using one color thread for  kurung pesak. the art work was very neat… in fact i love this piece but it already sold out!….

for those “sulaman” lovers.. start to decide what are you going to wear for raya soon….


design for kurung pesak on printed material


with this exclusive artwork… its nice.. and for me worth having it as not everybody would like to have it… so be the few people that have it…




let see…. i am still trying to finish uploading all the design.. its not so difficult but it can be really… arrrr…. when the uploading doesn’t work as expected..

specially made on printed material for baju kurung

embroidery for kebaya nyonya or "labuh"

sulaman kerawang collections – customer’s booking (1)

i am still trying to upload all the pictures of sulaman kerawang booked by the customers and hopefully it is a success.. i m never good at this!!

sulaman kerawang for kurung pesak

view for the bottom part of the kurung pesak

the above picture – the embroidery was sewn on linen material using colorful threads… and of course the price also will be a bit colorful as our experts have to change thread every now and then.

sulaman for kurung pesak decorated with beads

sulaman for kurung pesak

nice   aaa…i love this.. one of my favorite pair.. very sweet.. i even dry clean the baju kurung before giving to the customer.
sulaman frontage for kurung modern
this design is specially made for kurung modern as the design made from top to bottom …
i like the combination.. soft and sweet.. price…??? affordable..don’t worry about that

close-up the sulaman design

sulaman kerawang for kurung pesak

sulaman for kurung pesak - upcclose

this design is for “batik lukis” material from terengganu. using one color thread is more suitable to these kind of material.
never know that it will be a bit stress full trying to create a blog.. i thought you just write what you feel about anything and everything… but it is not so easy…for me…

sulaman for kurung pesak with design infront

the design from up close

wish i could update all the pictures immediately but too bad i am no expert… so bit by bit lorrr…

Hello to “sulaman kerawang” fans..

Welcome to “sulaman kerawang” site. If you can recall during our mother’s or grandmother’s days.. “sulaman kerawang” was very well known among malay community and also baba and nyonya from Melaka.

I myself fall in love with “sulaman kerawang” with my first kebaya nyoya. The art is something that you could not simply buy anywhere. Starting from there, I started to look  for those who knew how to sew  “sulaman kerawang” and here I am trying to make it as one of our art again and hopefully with your support it will be a dream come true

I hope you will enjoy this blog and hope to see more people wearing clothes with “sulaman  kerawang” on it.

the design is suitable for kurung modern or pesak

thank you for viewing this blog. your opinion is very much appreciated and hope we can revive back the art that once was valued.

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